Hi! I'm Lou

Welcome to Lucky Lou Clothing

How I became Lucky Lou

Lucky Lou Clothing was founded November 2020 in my childhood home in Connecticut. At the time I was home on a gap year due to COVID and was looking for a creative outlet. After going away to California for my freshman year of college, I fell in love in LA style. I always found LA streetwear to either be too minimalist, have too much going on, or to be too expensive. I decide I wanted to start a clothing brand that would be affordable for college students, size inclusive, and still aligin with the LA streetwear aesthetic with pieces that could pair nicely with other clothes or be a statement piece of an outfit.

The inspiration for the designs comes from myself and my childhood. Growing up my childhood nickname was Lou and I was always number 7 when playing sports, which was a huge part of my life. The combination of Lou and the number 7 allowed for a variety of nicknames; "Lucky 7", "Sevens", and my favorite, "Lucky Lou".

When I returned to California I was able to bring Lucky Lou with me! I screenprint all the clothing here in LA by hand and run all of Lucky Lou myself while attending USC. I love the creativity and customizability that comes with making all the pieces myself. I espeically enjoy creating custom pieces for my customers because I love to take these designs that are a reflection of myself and make them into a piece that reflects someone elses personality so that there can be a little Lucky Lou in all of us!



If you have any questions about custom pieces or just in general I would love to hear from you! You can either use the contact us form below or DM @luckylouclothing on Instagram